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The Math Tree
The Math Tree The Math Tree

Come learn arithmetic with The Math Tree! Add and subtract owls, doves and peaches in this captivating introduction to addition, subtraction, and numerical equations. The hands-on, count-as-you go approach is a natural extension of early counting skills, presented with powerful simplicity. Incredibly cute graphics and melodious sounds make this app a genuine pleasure for parents and kids alike. The Math Tree was created by the developers of the best-selling apps Shape-O! ABC's and Counting Caterpillar, and is especially customized for preschool to kindergarten aged children.

Download The Math Tree
for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.


  Learning by doing
Actively tapping and moving items to and from the tree is an engaging way to assist a child's progress from basic counting to simple addition and subtraction using numbers from zero to ten. Don't worry if your child is not sure of the answer - they can tap to count the items remaining in the tree, and mirror the activity by counting on their fingers. As the task is completed, the numerical equation is highlighted piece by piece, demonstrating the relationship between the parts.
Tap or drag to help owls, bluebirds, cardinals, doves, canaries and blackbirds hop up into the tree. Now count them. How many birds are in the tree now? Select the correct answer from the multiple choice keypad - the voiceover will gently guide you in the right direction.

Help the two forest bunnies fill their basket with apples, oranges, peaches, pears, lemons and plums from the tree. How many pieces of fruit are remaining in the tree? Select the correct answer to complete the equation.
  Playful learning
Beautiful colors, natural textures and real instrument sounds bring to life a learning experience that is both fun and gratifying. As each equation is completed, golden coins are awarded. Children collect 10 golden coins to win a trophy - nearly a dozen trophies in all!

Hand crafted
At Bellamon we craft every app with meticulous attention to detail. The illustrations recall the simplicity of paper cut-outs and hand drawn lines. The custom music and sounds are put together by our own sound design team using real instruments, producing sounds which are fun and also pleasing to hear. We emphasize clear, high-quality voiceover. We believe that kids deserve the very highest standards of interaction design.

As parents ourselves, we make apps that not only cover educational ground, but are also imbued with playfulness, encourage creativity, and give a feeling of accomplishment. The large, colorful game elements are designed for small fingers and intuitive game flow. We spend a lot of time thinking, planning and refining to get the balance between entertainment and education just right. We always work in consultation with education specialists, teachers, parents and most importantly, kids! Who says learning can't be fun?


I do love the look of this app, bright and colorful, with a wonderful collage effect using cut paper and fabric that makes me smile... one can also tap to count the fruit or birds left in the tree, truly counting to the correct number. (full review)


-This app is great for teaching basic math. Seeing, moving and being able to count the objects that are being added or subtracted is so helpful for understanding these concepts. My 2 year old and 4 year old both love oit. We play it together but it is clear enough that they can play it on their own. Great visual and auditory reinforcement. Thank you!
- AlphaBamboo at the iTunes App Store

-Little ones will enjoy the graphics and music, and find the narrator's voice engaging, authorative and resassuring. The Math Tree is a beautifully-designed app that will keep your child entertained and focused while teaching him basic math skills. (full review)


The Math Tree

Download The Math Tree
for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.


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