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Shape-O! ABC's
Shape-O! ABCs

Shape-O! ABC’s is a creative activity for pre-school age kids that encourages “learning by doing” by integrating puzzles, shapes, words, colors and sounds. It features over 100 inventive shape-puzzle images, and was developed in consultation with a PhD level education specialist. This iPad favorite has now been fully customised for tiny fingers on the iPhone and iPod touch.

Download Shape-O! ABC's
for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.


  Over 100 Puzzles
Geometric shapes are pieced together to form images including animals, plants, landscapes, transportation, faces, robots, dinosaurs, pirates and many more!
  Alphabet & Spelling
Letters are used as puzzle pieces to form words, helping with letter recognition and spelling. Friendly voiceovers demonstrate pronunciation, and parents can adjust the settings panel to customize difficulty to the unique abilities of their child.

  Real Instrumental Sounds
A local composer and musician created the melodious sound effects and background music. Kids will identify the real-world instruments, and parents will appreciate the simplicity of the tones.
  Built by Parents
The large, colorful buttons are designed for small fingers, and the simple icons are easily remembered for independent play. Shape-O! ABCs strikes a balance between entertaining and challenging kids.
  8 Color Palettes
The rainbow button allows kids to rotate through colors expressing a variety of moods and tonal ranges inspired by natural and imaginary worlds. The simple screen designs incorporate warm textures of wood and craft papers.
  Positive Feedback
When a shape puzzle is completed successfully, children are rewarded with a triumphant “congratulations” sound, word and graphic. The aural and visual encouragement rewards the value of their effort and inspires
continued play.



A really nice little puzzler for kids, and highly worthy of its $2 asking price.
- iLounge

Kids love it. My kids absolutely love playing with it.
- Apps for Children with Special Needs

Shape-O! ABCs is a remarkable app. Everything made accordingly, real nice illustrations, colors, music, voice. A TOTAL no brainer for pre-school parents.
Just go ahead and get it!
- Apps 4 Kids

Five Stars!
- Common Sense Media

Wonderfully designed and a great way to encourage learning through play!
- Now What Baby


Shape-O! ABC's

Shape-O! ABCs

Download Shape-O! ABC's
for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.


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