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Counting Caterpillar
Counting Caterpillar Counting Caterpillar

Counting Caterpillar is a counting app for preschool and kindergarten. This caterpillar is hungry! Catch aphids in the correct number sequence to feed the caterpillar and fill its belly. Earn butterflies while progressing through multiple levels, and visit them in the butterfly gallery. Counting Caterpillar teaches the foundations of counting with fun game play, beautiful graphics and quality sound effects. 

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  Multiple levels
Curriculum based counting practice in covers counting in ones to 100, and skip counting in intervals of 2, 5, and 10. The hard level offers revision of these counting techniques in a random selection to challenge comprehension and memory skills.
  Learning by doing
The repetitive rhythm of the counting process is highlighted by the action of game. The concept of numbers is represented in various ways, including the characters, the voiceover, and by the actual segments on the caterpillar. A fun way to encourage young ones to count all the way to 100 and to introduce interval counting.

  Positive feedback
Children are regularly rewarded with words of encouragement as they complete the number sequences. Counting Caterpillar features over 45 levels, and each achievement is marked by collecting a unique butterfly. Dozens of butterflies are added to a gallery which the child may browse at any time, maintaining motivation and contributing to a sense of acomplishment.
  Built by Parents
The large, colorful game elements are designed for small fingers, and the simple icons are easily remembered for independent play. Our sound effects are always custom created and pleasing to the ear. Who says that learning can't be fun? Counting Caterpillar strikes a balance between entertaining and challenging kids.
  Natural Inspiration
Here at Bellamon we hope to engage the natural curiosity of children. We look for ways to make our apps feel warm and inviting, with simples designs that incorporate textures of paper, wood, leaves and flowers. The caterpillars, butterflies and aphids are all inspired by the real world, richly colored and textured, just like in the garden.



Terrific early math practice with captivating graphics... Young kids playing Counting Caterpillar get a simple, smart, solid foundation in basic numbers counting.
- Common Sense Media


Counting Caterpillar



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