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"I had been wanting to channel my creative energy into something new, and when the iPad was released it seemed like the perfect format for interactive activities for children. Combining my background in art and design with my interest in play and early learning has been really satisfying," Isabelle says.

At Bellamon everything we do is designed for and tested by small people with big imaginations. We are inspired by the uniqueness of kids, and believe they deserve products that apply the highest quality of interaction design. This is why we take time to create custom graphics and sounds, carefully design kid-friendly interfaces, and consult with education specialists when developing new apps.

Bellamon began when Isabelle Gerrard, an Aussie mom, was looking for better interactive activities for her own kids. It has grown into a collective of three like-minded people, who collectively have years of experience in art, music, interactive design, animation, advertising and production. Bellamon is our way of breaking out to create products that are meaningful and that contribute to the world around us. As a group we are dedicated to creating apps full of heart and imagination for kids everywhere.

We're just getting started - help us make great apps by getting in touch with your thoughts & feedback!


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